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Public relations

Public Relations (or PR) are broader activity than advertising and marketing. They are entwined in each detail of the activities of an organization greatly affect the appearance of that organization in society.

PR far outweigh industry and business. They include communication of an organization, regardless of the type.

People are hostile to change or things that they are little known. They are often influenced by ideas, beliefs and concepts specific to their environment and upbringing. A public relations program has to overcome some or all of these negatives (negative) situations.

It's unlikely things to be fully elucidated. The ultimate goal of public relations and the process of transformation is to achieve "understanding". This is a difficult task, even more so that only the PR deal with it.

Then come the ad and an ad campaign can not have effect if humans no understanding of what is advertised. Similarly, the less likely people are to assist the tellers if they have not realized the need of the census.

Public Relations is an illustration of the psychological approach to communication between large groups of people, objects, interests, etc.

The definition used by the British Institute of Public Relations said: "The activity " PR " consists of targeted, planned and built on the principle of continuity of efforts to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and groups of people (audience) with which it has relationships".

The two most important aspects of this definition, the emphasis being placed on the planned nature of public relations and two-way understanding. This means being understood by others and you to understand them and involves not only inform but also to be aware of the foreign desires and views.

Another definition is Mexico's treatment of the matter. It is made of the International Conference of Institutes of Public Relations, held in Mexico City in 1978 It says: "Public Relations, it's art and social science to analyze trends, predicting their effects, making recommendations to the Heads the organization and implementation of planned programs of action to serve the interests of the organization and society as a whole".

This definition is useful and of high practical value. First, it introduces the need for testing or assessment of the situation (current image), and the analysis of results. Second, it emphasizes the importance of the advice of specialists in public relations, serving senior management. Third, the definition states that public relations programs should be planned. Finally, PR is a benefit not only the organization, which is carried out, and the whole society.

Each organization must have a list of publics with which it maintains, will maintain or need to maintain contacts.

PR exist independently of our desire. People communicating with each other, are bound by them. This is true both for human individuals and organizations.

Public relations include communication skills, to disseminate knowledge and create understanding. People have done this for centuries, and are required to be made efficiently.

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