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Architectural projects

Dipl. Arch. Irina Ilieva has more than 15 years professional experience in different architectural projects in Europe, as well for private clients.

We offer:

Projects selection


Modernization and repair condominium
Belehradska, Prague/ Czech Republic


Light and space concept for International Tango Festival in Berlin
Café Moskau, Rotes Rathaus, Palazzo Italia, Ballhaus Rixdorf

Projects selection
in collaboration with KLOTZBACH Architects + Engineers


Loft conversions, elevator installation, balcony cultivation, modernization and rehabilitation tenement
Goltzstr. 32, 10781 Berlin-Schöneberg


Modernization and rehabilitation tenement house with loft conversion
Varziner Str. 5, 12159 Berlin-Schöneberg


Facade renovation
Gasteiner Str. 33/Nassauische Str. 36, 10717 Berlin


Facade renovation
Windscheidstrasse 20/Stuttgarter Platz 19, 10627 Berlin


Modernization and rehabilitation tenement house with loft conversion, conversion to condominiums
Käthe-Niederkirchner-Str. 25, 10407 Berlin


Rehabilitation half-timbered house / coach house, remodeling and extension single family
Potsdam Mittelmark


Facade renovation and balcony growing condominium, reconstruction, modernization / rehabilitation of condominiums
Fidicinstr. 9, 10965 Berlin


Modernization and repair single-family house
Avenue de Jette, Brussels/ Belgium


New home installations, remodeling and renovation
Various projects in Cottbus

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