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Surge- and overvoltage protection

Atmospheric overvoltages
Sources are:

Switching overvoltages
Underlying causes are:
  • in high voltage networks - turning the idle line or transformer, large loads, short circuits
  • in low voltage networks - turning the chokes as transformers, chokes, worms protection and relays, long circuits, arcing round fire collectors, slip rings, switch appliances, fluorescent lamps, vacuum cleaners and others.

Excluding circuits could follow down - from breaker or unplanned - in melting fuse or protective shutdown.

These disturbances penetrate from the outside through the electricity supply and information lines, also can be generated by factors inside the building. Distributed both in galvanic and in electromagnetically way.

As a problem of surge protection, especially from atmospheric origin, is not new. Almost all buildings are equipped with lightning protection system - so called "External protection". Still missing and not appreciate properly is so called "Internal protection", designed to protect the electrical equipment and low voltage appliances in the buildings.

Prof. Dr.Sc.Techn. Eng. Stefan Iliev is a leading expert in this field in Bulgaria with more than 15 years of professional experience.
Competent consulting for companies, industry designers and private persons, projects check and concrete products recommendations.

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