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Capacities for mass production, mass consumption markets and buyers away from producers, are a prerequisite the marketing to become an alternative to the sales "face to face" between manufacturers and their customers.

Marketing discovers what people need or what they want and whether it can be produced, distributed and sold at a profit.

The marketing's object of study are the desires and needs of people. Between needs and desires must be distinguished. The needs are for food, clothing and shelter. With the development of society is growing and needs. Wishes, however, relate to goods and services that may be sought only after they have been created. Many current products as color TV, Hi-Fi equipment, special food or air conditioning systems create needs only after they have occurred.

With the development of mass production, new products and increase living standards in the world, arise and new marketing techniques. Too often, products that are managed in a market in one country are released for sale in a different market in another country with the same expectation of success and in many cases the effect is negative.

This is due to the fact that each country has its own specific features, depending on numerous factors - the mentality, traditions, fashion trends, etc. Before you enter a new market, it must be investigated to find out what exactly is required to meet demand. Thus, to ensure sales, which are the most direct path to success.

Marketing of the market makes it possible to take the most appropriate advertising stretegiya to entry of the product.

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