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Advertising is part of the marketing structure, but it is also used by individuals and non-profit organizations whose activities do not require marketing. This is a human activity carried out for centuries, long before the advent of modern marketing.

Advertising transmit information in order to sell a product or service - this is the simplest definition. Nameplate on the street also transmit information, but is not advertising as it tries to sell anything.

The purpose of advertising is to persuade people to buy. Therefore, creative is broken in the light of the aim pursued - to sell.

The great advantage and role of advertising is that it brings its message to a broader audience that the advertiser does not know or can not meet and which are scattered throughout the city, region, country or the world.

It is this effect of scattering in all directions is particularly valuable. Although advertising costs are high, an appropriate advertising campaign may be the most efficacious way to reach the market. Advertising is expensive only if fails to generate sales.

It is important to understand that advertising costs are a function of performance. If advertising were spent thousands, and the results are calculated in millions, it is clear that advertising is cheap - turns out to be lucrative investment. If it does not achieve this result, no doubt expensive, even a waste of money. It is therefore incorrect to assert that an advertising tool is expensive, and based solely on its high fare.

The main purpose of advertising is to inform people that a product is put into circulation. Without her, man could not know that good exists, even less - where to find it, what are its qualities and price.

Advertising is a real cost for each company and it's logic to assume that this cost is included in the pricing of goods. In practice, the purchase of goods, the buyer pays and its advertising.

Advertising enables people to learn, remember, and then to trust the familiar name. In promotion of the company or brand, an advertiser sets their reputation at stake. This determines the largest social value of advertising. In general, the promoted goods can be trusted. Assume their responsibilities, the advertiser remains open to criticism. It's rashly he is risking his reputation by promoting false allegations. Ethics becomes an economic factor because it is more profitable to be honest.

The author of the advertisement should aim to deliver in a way easily understandable information about the goods sold.

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